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FLAT CIRCLE (together with Maido Juss)

Video installation, steel construction, 16 screens, Raspberry Pi´s, custom software, synchronized Full HD videos, sound, 155 × 155 × 155 cm, 2019

“Flat Circle” explores the issues spreading out from the overload and the manipulation of information in today’s media, human consciousness and beliefs. We are living in times where various kind of information (and also the truth) should be more accessible than ever before; yet, the reality is paradoxically different.

Deepfake, fake news, troll factories, clickbait media – these are only a few ways how to manipulate information. Today’s propaganda and information wars mostly find invisible output forms, as it is increasingly complicated to distinguish real news from fake ones or politically motivated information from facts. More and more people are using social media as the main source of news. News appealing to emotions than to checked facts sell better. Checking the truth and facts has in a way become secondary or at worst totally insignificant. We have reached the point where on our way to find truth one has to do extremely hard work, or risk and use one’s intuition while trusting selected sources.