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FLAT CIRCLE (together with Maido Juss)

Video installation, steel construction, 16 screens, Raspberry Pi´s, custom software, synchronized Full HD videos, sound, 155 x 155 x 155 cm, 2019

Project “Flat Circle” tries to visualize this information overabundance and our inability to navigate in this chaos. We live in times where (almost) everyone who has access to the internet has also access to endless information. This era of media can be described with notions such as information overabundance, post-truth, fake news, clickbait media/news, social media, lack of privacy, etc. In this era of information overabundance, it is difficult to distinguish fake news from real ones, clickbait or politically motivated news from the facts. Truth and fact-checking has become trivial and secondary.

The output of the work is a video and sound installation, which centers on a futuristic machine-like multimedia object – rhombicuboctahedron shape hanging from the ceiling and covered with 16 displays. The screens are simultaneously showing different video clips from the news, movies, youtube, archives, etc. After watching it , the viewer starts to realize that the material which seemed random at first starts to make sense and forms patterns. The work weaves together different media sources to bring together media and it's potential to have an influence on the viewer in one shape or another.