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Installation, pigment prints in wooden frames, Full HD video, 2 frames: each 78 × 94 cm, 1 frame: 140 × 94 cm, video projection dimensions variable, 2019

“Case No 15. Luxembourg” depicts cross-border workers in Luxembourg and some of the downsides of this phenomenon. There are estimated 180 000 cross-border workers from surrounding countries, which is 45% of the whole workforce in the country. The project’s output is a series of photographs of cars stuck in the traffic congestions and a video depicting deserted streets in Kirchberg – one of the main business areas in Luxembourg City which is busy during the weekdays and completely abandoned during the weekends. The first one is depicting commuters in stressful traffic and the other one empty, almost dreamlike streets. The juxtaposition of two different kinds of visuals is contrary and strangely similar at the same time.