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Video installation, 3D animation, tilted floor, Full HD, colour, sound, loop, dimensions variable, 2018

„Case No 14. The Storm on the Baltic Sea“ is a video installation depicting a small ship on the stormy sea. Resembling a tableau vivant, the video gives a feeling that the boat is struggling with heavy waves, being almost on the edge of sinking. The strength of the storm seems almost unnatural and very unlikely to occur on the Baltic Sea. The atmosphere and stylistics of the image resemble marine paintings from the 17th to 19th centuries. It is not clear if the boat is going to rescue someone or if it needs rescuing itself. The video doesn't have an end or beginning, it is an endless loop. After watching it a while one realises that the image is not real: it is entirely computer generated.

We live in times where information is easier to access than ever and it is hard to tell the difference between the real and fake. The media relies on bad news and selling fear. There is a constant feeling of threat — that every moment something bad could happen. The work can be read as a metaphor for our constant condition of anxiety and fear. It makes straight references to the turbulent history and to the insecure feeling about the future. The artwork could be also reduced to personal fears and uncertainties or it could just be a metaphor for an endless struggle.