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Installation and documentation of performance, empty beer cans, polyurethane, wood, motor, 3 Full HD videos, sound, 490 × 500 × 280 cm, 2017

“Case No 13. Waiting for the Ship of Empties” is a long-term action which resulted in a video documentation of a performance and an installation. The project began with me leaving for Finland, where I collected beer cans bearing solely Estonian revenue stamps. I used collected cans to build a motorized raft in which I crossed the Gulf of Finland to return to Estonia. The project is a follow-up to the exhibition project “Case No 11. TALSINKI”, which focused on the Finnish tourists whose main purpose of the trips are cheap liquor and the leaving workforce of Estonia. With the new project I dig deeper into this matter and go through the whole “process” myself. The project also adds another layer to the topic – waste in shape of empty beer cans ending up in Finland. The whole action can be interpreted as a positive outlook to the future – a symbolic story of the return of one Estonian worker.