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CASE NO 14. The Storm on the Baltic Sea

Video installation, 3D animation, tilted floor, full HD, colour, sound, loop, 2018

Project „Case No 14. The Storm on the Baltic Sea“ is a video installation depicting a small ship on the stormy sea. The video loop resembles a tableau vivant, it gives a feeling that a boat is struggling with heavy waves, being almost on the edge of sinking. Then again, it isn’t clear if the boat is going to rescue someone or if it needs rescuing itself. There is a constant feeling of threat — that every moment something bad could happen. After watching this work for a while one realises that the image is not real: it is entirely computer generated. „Case No 14. The Storm on the Baltic Sea“ symbolically fills that gap centuries later. Similar to old marine paintings, the picturesque image gives a feeling of hope, the chance of the ship pulling through the storm seems possible.