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Installation, pigment prints, transparencies in lightboxes, light beam, fog machine, Full HD video, sound, transparencies: each 142 x 100 cm, installation dimensions variable, 2016

“Case No. 12. Kalamaja” is a narrative installation that fluctuates between documentary and fiction. The spatial exhibition consisting of elements like video, sound, light and photography was held in two galleries. The project studies the strange and paranormal events that have been taking place during the past years in Kalamaja, a district in Tallinn. One of the former poorest neighborhoods becoming posh and one of the most expensive districts is a true example of gentrification. The installation connects the real estate bubble and the gentrification occurring in the area with a series of mysterious events. It is an image about Kalamaja that has been totally turned upside down and where changes in urban space and everyday life have collided with paranormal phenomena.